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8 Secrets of Career Success with Richard St. John

Presenters: Richard St. John, Author & Success Analyst

This course is worth 5 hours (0.5 CEUs) of professional development. A certificate of completion can be printed once the program has been completed.


About this Course

Author Richard St. John spent ten years researching success and doing face-to-face interviews with Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, Richard Branson, the Google founders, and over 1000 other extraordinarily successful people.


He analyzed every word they said, built one of the world’s largest, most organized databases on success, and finally discovered “The 8 Traits Successful People Have In Common.”


STARLINK interviews Richard St. John revealing these “8 Secrets of Career Success” – which are the foundations for success in anything, whether it's business, education, science, sports, healthcare, arts, or life.


Module One:

Author and Success Analyst, Richard St. John, spent over a decade researching success and doing face-to-face interviews with Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Steven Spielberg, the Google Founders, five Nobel Prize winners, Martha Stewart, Robin Williams, and hundreds of other revered successful people.  In this module, we view the original Ted Talk by Richard St. John as he discusses his research, interviews, and most important traits for achieving success.

  • The Ted Talk, “8 Secrets of Success”
  • The Beginning
  • The Interviews
  • The “Most Important” Traits


Module Two:

What are challenges preventing us from achieving success?  What are common myths about “successful people”? In this module, Richard St. John addresses these questions and more. 

  • Challenges
  • Myths About Success
  • The “Standout” Interviews
  • Interview Surprises


Module Three:

In this module, Richard St. John discusses “your roadmap to success” and gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of his memorable Ted Talk that impacted millions of viewers.

  • The Story Behind the St. John Ted Talks
  • Your Roadmap to Success
  • Final Thoughts