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Dynamic Communication Strategies, Including Gen Z

Presenters: Dr. Jill Schiefelbein, President, The Dynamic Communicator, Inc.

This course is worth 5 hours (0.5 CEU) of professional development. A certificate of completion can be printed once the program has been completed.


About this Course

The greatest teachers are dynamic communicators. Jill Schiefelbein explains, “A Dynamic communicator is confident, adaptable, progressive, proactive, and stimulating.” Join STARLINK and Dr. Jill Schiefelbein, “The Dynamic Communicator,” as we explore communication strategies that work, including effective ways to communicate with our newest Generation Z students.

Module 1:

 “Words are our currency” - In this module, we discuss the following topics:

  • Words Matter
  • Three Essential Strategies to Dynamic Communication
  • Tips for Communicating with Students


Module 2:

How do we effectively connect with our students? What are the common communication mistakes? STARLINK explores the following topics in this module:

  • Strategies to Connect
  • Generational Communication Differences
  • Communication Mistakes
  • Poor Communication and Misunderstandings


Module 3: 

It’s vital to frame our questions correctly. In this module, Dr. Jill Schiefelbein explains the following:

  • The Communication Model
  • Informal Communication
  • Importance of Framing Questions Correctly
  • Tips for Students Entering the Workforce