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How Can I Align Technology with My Pedagogical Goals?

Presenters: Dave Yearwood, Ph.D., CSIT, Professor and Chair of the Technology Department, University of North Dakota

This course is worth 1 hour (0.1 CEU) of professional development. A certificate of completion can be printed once the program has been completed.


About this Course


Many educators have an uneasy alliance with technology. They may be unsure about its value in accomplishing learning goals or how it can enhance the teaching experience. Because technologies are not necessarily designed with the classroom in mind, educators who want to avail themselves of these tools are often challenged on how to integrate them into the course curriculum.

How Can I Align Technology with My Pedagogical Goals? discusses ways that educators can use selected technology tools to drive student performance and engagement.


In How Can I Align Technology with My Pedagogical Goals?, the presenter suggests ways to maximize student engagement with material through different multimedia approaches.

Viewers who invest twenty minutes in watching this video will discover how to:

  • Use emotion and curiosity to gain and focus student attention
  • Challenge students to think critically and creatively about what they see
  • Create opportunities for students to demonstrate what they can do as a result of what they learned in the classroom
  • Guide students to use an audiovisual approach to summarize content
  • Use technology effectively in the classroom without drawing attention to it


The presenter provides practical strategies for e-pedagogy—the relationship between pedagogical practices and technology.

After viewing this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Assess your pedagogical and technological assets and deficiencies
  • Use the results of the assessment to state how you could better support student learning through e-pedagogical practices
  • Use a multimedia approach that emphasizes audio, visual, and experiential learning
  • Adapt—rather than adopt—selected technologies to accomplish learning goals


This program reveals the untapped potential of educational technology to reflect what twenty-first century teaching and learning should look and feel like.

Educators will learn how to conduct a self-assessment to identify their strengths and where they need to work on using technology to accomplish pedagogical goals. The presenter will also outline different teaching methods in which technology can help students experience content in a variety of ways—hearing, seeing, feeling, and practicing it.

Educators will also discover how to become better facilitators of content and how technology tools can unleash students' natural curiosity and empathy.

Educators will acquire the skills to integrate the appropriate technology tools to ensure a value-added component to student learning.


Educators and instructors who are new to this subject or who have an intermediate level of awareness will benefit most from this presentation.


Sample documents, checklists, discussion questions and guides, and other resources will be supplied to deepen your understanding.