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How Can I Encourage the Growth Mindset with Three Simple Tips?

Presenters: Stephanie Delaney, J.D., Ph.D., Dean of the Center for Extended Learning, Seattle Central Community College

This course is worth 1 hour (0.1 CEU) of professional development. A certificate of completion can be printed once the program has been completed.


About this Course


The student who says “I’m bad at languages” or “I don’t ‘get’ math” is approaching learning with a “fixed” mindset – believing that his or her competence is, and always will be, limited.

A student with a “growth” mindset, on the other hand, understands things differently. He or she believes that with diligence and smart work habits, improvement is not only possible, but inevitable.

The difference in mindset can make all the difference in performance.

An eye-opening 20-Minute Mentor program— How Can I Encourage the Growth Mindset With Three Simple Tips?, explains how you can make your students enthusiastic converts to a growth mindset.


In How Can I Encourage the Growth Mindset With Three Simple Tips?, the presenter outlines measures to introduce students to the concept of a growth mindset and convince them it’s a key to their academic success. She then presents a variety of tested strategies you can employ to encourage and develop such a mindset in your students.

You’ll learn ways to demonstrate to your students that success is not reserved for those who are “inherently smart,” but for those who work hard to achieve it.

At the conclusion of the presentation, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to:

  • Boost your students’ confidence in their ability to learn
  • Support them with classroom techniques that promote a growth mindset
  • Reinforce growth-oriented habits with effective feedback

"[The presenter] spoke of concepts but used very specific examples of ways that I/we can start implementing these ideas. Each of them appear encapsulated so I don't feel any pressure to have to utilize multiple ideas at one time to start heading the direct of the growth mindset." - Jennifer Brigson, EMS Instructor/EMT Department Head, Western Technical College


In How Can I Encourage the Growth Mindset With Three Simple Tips?, the preseneter shares classroom-tested methods for building students’ “confidence in their competence.”

You’ll first discover how to build a foundation for your students, helping them understand that there is such a thing as a growth mindset, and demonstrating for them what it is and how it works.

Next, you’ll learn about ways to help students “work smarter” to progress along the growth curve. The presenter outlines methods including:

  • Developing assignment instructions strategically
  • Guiding students through especially challenging areas of the course
  • Building scaffolding support to help students focus on the right areas of learning
  • Giving examples of good and bad work
  • Having your students “crowdsource” assignment guidelines to make them more effective

You’ll also learn feedback strategies that establish the link between good study habits and academic success, including multimedia feedback, rubrics and monitoring of students’ work time.

A student’s conviction that he or she is simply “bad at” the subject you teach will almost certainly become a self-fulfilling prophecy. On the other hand, if you can provide students with the understanding that they can succeed – and give them the tools and the inspiration to do so – you’ll see them grow, develop, and learn.