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How Can I Keep Students Engaged with Instructor Presence?

Presenters: Deidre Price, Ph.D., Professor of English, Northwest Florida State College

This course is worth 1 hour (0.1 CEU) of professional development. A certificate of completion can be printed once the program has been completed.


About this Course


If you thought teaching online reduced the importance of instructor presence, think again. Faculty presence supports student success in distance learning and the hybrid classroom in many ways, including:

· Encouraging student engagement

· Increasing student satisfaction

· Improving student retention

Learn best practices for creating and strengthening your online learning community in How Can I Keep Students Engaged with Instructor Presence?


Distance education is transforming higher education today, and for many faculty members, teaching with technology is the key to a successful career in academia.

This Magna 20-Minute Mentor video will help you do a better job of being yourself in your online classroom—and you’ll be able to track your progress from the get-go, thanks to an in-session self-assessment. You’ll also come away with a host of strategies for managing your online presence to maximize student engagement. Concise and jam-packed with useful content, this session will help you:

· Understand the importance of faculty presence for student success in distance education

· Analyze, evaluate, and improve your level of instructor presence in your courses

· Model participation as an engaged member of an online learning community


The program presenter draws on her extensive experience to help you turn your online classroom into a bona fide community of inquiry. After participating in this presentation, you’ll be able to:

· Identify the ways faculty presence can strengthen the learning community in an online classroom

· Analyze course design and teaching practices to evaluate faculty presence in your own courses, and assess your effectiveness at reaching students when teaching online

· Design distance learning courses that promote an engaged, active, and approachable instructor presence


Teaching with technology is different from traditional teaching in many ways, particularly when it comes to establishing a vibrant learning community. Without the automatic cues for student connection that a classroom provides, some faculty are at risk of turning into the dreaded absent or robot professor.Once these characters show up in an online classroom, grades tend to go down while attrition rates and academic dishonesty go up.

There’s a better way. In How Can I Keep Students Engaged with Instructor Presence?, the presenter will show you how to model the kind of communication and class participation you’d like to see. This presentation is chock full of best practices you can implement immediately to encourage more authentic interaction with your students. You’ll learn:

· Seven prime times for faculty presence in the online classroom

· Tips on when and how to engage with distance education students

· What to include in your online profile to build connection with students

· Guidelines for giving feedback that strengthens your online community

· What students need to know about your schedule for online interaction


Supplementary materials provided with the presentation will help you make the most of what you learn, including a:

· Checklist to evaluate your presence in an existing class

· Questionnaire designed to prompt improved instructor presence in an existing class

· Packet detailing strategies for building an online community

· Bibliography with additional resources

The principles and practices you’ll cover apply across disciplines.


With a running time of just twenty minutes and a packet of action-inspiring supplementary materials, How Can I Keep Students Engaged with Instructor Presence? was designed with the busy faculty member in mind.

Instructors who have an intermediate level of experience and a working understanding of the tools available in a Learning Management System (LMS) will get the most out of this session.

Whatever LMS you’re using, this presentation will strengthen your ability to foster community in an online or hybrid classroom.