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How Do I Create a Lively, Yet Functional, Online Classroom?

Presenters: Deidre Price, Ph.D., Professor of English, Northwest Florida State College

This course is worth 1 hour (0.1 CEU) of professional development. A certificate of completion can be printed once the program has been completed.


About this Course


A common complaint of students in online classes is they feel that they’re getting a second-rate educational experience compared to students in traditional face-to-face classrooms. Other students say that they feel alone, unable to manage the online class on their own because they don’t have a “real” teacher leading them. Some instructors worry that their professional integrity is at risk, as retention rates drop for online enrollment.

How Do I Create a Lively, Yet Functional, Online Classroom? provides ready-to-use solutions that help instructors run efficient interactive classrooms that challenge and enrich students.


Striking the right balance between making your online classroom run with machine-like precision and infusing it with a strong, involved personal teaching presence lies behind How Do I Create a Lively, Yet Functional, Online Classroom?

In a tightly-packed 20-minute presentation, you will discover how to do the following:

· Add efficiency and predictability to your classroom without sacrificing spontaneity

· Give adequate feedback and instruction in less time

· Manage engaging, authentic discussions among students about course topics

· Show students that you are personally involved in their progress

· Give students self-assessment tools to increase their confidence and comprehension

You’ll learn shortcuts for communicating with students regularly in ways that address their concerns satisfactorily. You’ll see how to shift more responsibility onto students’ shoulders to create a lively learning environment.


Explore realistic tips to conduct your online classroom with both regularity and a humanized, transparent personality.

After viewing this session, you will be able to do the following:

· Make featured content more student-friendly and compelling

· Manage and evaluate discussions that elicit meaningful responses from students

· Work skillfully with prompts that matter to students

· Use mass emails, news, and collective feedback to stay in touch with students

· Use technology to automate routine replies

· Motivate students to ask more questions and stay involved


This presentation covers ways to run an efficient, predictable online classroom and, at the same time, make students feel that they have an authentic, transparent relationship with you.

Learn best practices from an experienced online instructor to deal with challenges such as increasing points of contact throughout the semester. See how to engage students in discussions, add prompts that spur their replies, and evaluate their responses with time-efficient methods.

See how revealing your human side to students can build stronger bonds and make students feel more comfortable about learning and functioning in an online classroom.

Discover surprising ways to provide quality instruction and meet your pedagogical goals without feeling overwhelmed by your obligations.


Perfect both for educators managing classrooms and the administrators supporting them, including:

· Full- and part-time faculty charged with online teaching assignments

· Administrators who run and maintain the school’s online infrastructure

School web designers and content creators