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What Do I Do If I Suspect a Student Has Asperger’s Disorder?

Presenters: Brian Van Brunt, EdD, Senior Vice President, National Center for Higher Education Risk Management (NHCERM)

About this Course

This course is worth 1 hours (0.1 CEUs) of professional development. A certificate of completion can be printed once the program has been completed.

At many colleges and universities, the number of students with Asperger’s Disorder continues to increase.
While these students have the intellectual abilities to be successful, they:
Struggle with “reading” social cues
Struggle comprehending unwritten rules and procedures
May be teased or laughed at by other students
As a result, these students pose unique challenges to you and other faculty members, administrators and other students during your college careers.
Working successfully with Asperger’s students requires an understanding of their behavior and knowledge of how to communicate with them.
In this Magna 20-Minute Mentor program, the presenter offers you recommendations for helping these students to succeed.