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Why Should I Migrate from Traditional Resources to OER in My Courses?

Presenters: Erick Christiansen, Dean of Applied Sciences and Technologies, South Florida State College

This course is worth 1 hour (0.1 CEU) of professional development. A certificate of completion can be printed once the program has been completed.


About this Course

While there are potential barriers and challenges to implementing OER in the classroom, the benefits far outweigh the pitfalls. Not only do OER contribute to significant cost savings for students, they also bring real value to both faculty and institutions.

Purchase the Why Should I Migrate from Traditional Resources to OER in My Courses? 20-Minute Mentor program, presented by Erik Christensen, the dean of applied sciences and technologies at South Florida State College, who has saved his students more than $50,000 each year by adopting OER.

This program looks at the implementation of OER from the perspectives of students, faculty, and institutions, and the reasons why faculty and institutions should consider adopting and using OER in place of traditional learning resources.


Upon completion of this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how OER bring significant value to faculty, students, and institutions
  • Identify strategies for implementing OER in the classroom
  • Understand potential obstacles to adopting OER


  • The ways OER can contribute to significant student cost savings
  • Possible challenges to adopting OER
  • The many options for replacing traditional learning materials with OER
  • How OER can contribute to higher class enrollment
  • How OER benefit not only students, but also faculty and institutions
  • Designing courses around multiple resources


This program will benefit faculty, deans, instructional technology designers, and others who are interested in finding innovative ways to increase access to higher education and decrease textbook costs by implementing OER.